Hi. Here is some website stuff.

If you want to know what i’ve been up to lately work-wise it’s here:

This website is built on a wordpress front end with Bootstrap support and is hosted on Amazon Web Services. We did a huge migration last year and moved this multisite installation(there are actually five websites contained here) to and AWS on EC2 via S3 buckets. The hardest part of this was getting the databases to read correctly from SQL. For security, All of this was done in the CLI. NO GUI!

anything related to Altec on this site is property of altec and no other claims have been made.


This was a site I did a few months ago for Southeast Hospice Network. The original site was due for an update and the customer wanted something more modern feeling.


This was a redesign at the last place i worked, Command Alkon. The current site is no longer my design but here are some examples of wire frames and responsive design.



I have been an interactive designer since 2000.

Notable projects i have had the pleasure of working that are no longer live:

  • The Virginia DMV drivers license renewal kiosk system in 2001 | Richmond VA
  • The Bremen Jewish Heritage Museum Holocaust Survivor database | Atlanta GA
  • The Frist Center for the Visual Arts Art and Meaning Childrens Software | Nashville TN

I have an associates of arts in Computer Arts and Web Design from the Academy of Art and am Currently pursuing my Bachelors in Marketing from the Collat School of Business at UAB.